Elk Mountain

Sonoma Wings does not recommend flying at Elk Mountain.

As of 2021, Sonoma Wings no longer supports launching from Elk Mountain, landing at Middle Creek campground, or attempting x-c there, for several reasons.

Hang gliders have not flown from Elk in many years.

Paragliders flew at Elk for a while but recent use has been minimal.

The road to launch was never good but is now much worse.

The addition of power lines along the road and barriers to keep motorcycles out of Middle Creek have increased the difficulty of Elk’s LZ, especially to newer pilots.

Sonoma Wings has been providing a risk management program for Elk at the request of the RRRG. Because Sonoma Wings members do not go to Elk at all, we are concerned about enforcement or non-enforcement of the risk management program.

Elk Mountain was flown from the mid 70s to the early 2000s. Many x-c flights were made from there. With an increasing number of powerlines across Middle Creek, more houses, more fences, and more grapes, x-c flights have become riskier, to the point that Sonoma Wings now recommends against them.