Elizabeth Wise’s Field

These maps should help you learn where NOT to land on the way around the west side of Clear Lake.

The owner of this field, Elizabeth Wise, does not want anyone landing on her property. She states: “If any one does land in my field they are taking a chance on being arrested for trespassing, and having their glider taken away from them as well as a fine.”

Please respect her wishes. We don’t fly over this area very often, but if you think you might, familiarize yourself with the location of this field and avoid it.

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Overall view, showing the Do-Not-Land field on Scotts Valley Rd.

Approaching the DNL field (colored red) as you fly along Scotts Valley Rd. You can see Lakeport in the distance. You are facing southeast, 4000ft. MSL.

Closer to the field. You are facing southeast, 3000ft. MSL.

Looking at the field from the other end. You are facing northwest, 2000ft. MSL. The DNL field is 1380 MSL. The large (yellow) field on this end of the DNL field, on the south side of the access road, looks like it can be used for emergency landings. IT CAN’T!. As the owner of this field states: “Please inform the gliders/flyers that the power lines crossing our property are Lakeport’s high voltage transmission lines. The barbed and electric fences and cross fences, used to divide the land into grazing cells for a commercial livestock operation, cross the land in many places.”

Another view of the area. You’re at 6000 ft. MSL, looking west. The DO NOT LAND field is shown in red. The CAN’T LAND field is shown in yellow. You’ll notice that there are other possible emergency landing fields in the area. If you find yourself having to land, look for a spot that won’t endanger you or upset landowners. Better yet, make sure you’re at 6000 ft., and you won’t have to worry about landing!

Maps © Delorme, © Google Earth.