Vista Point


Location: 3 miles N of Jenner. Russian Gulch State Park. DeLorme 92 A3.

Elevation:  650 ft. MSL

Driving Directions:  Take Highway 1 north from Jenner 5 miles. Where Meyers Grade Rd. meets Hwy 1, turn left into the Vista Point parking lot.


  • Hang gliding and paragliding allowed.
  • Must be USHPA member.
  • Must have minimum Hang/Para rating (see Ratings, below).
  • Must be a Sonoma Wings club member, or the guest of a member.
  • Must have a signed waiver on file at park headquarters.
  • Must have a copy of the signed waiver in possession.
  • Sponsoring club pilot must be H4/P4, take responsibility for their guests, and ensure their guests are familiar with the rules.

note on waiver: download, print, and sign two copies of the waiver. Send one to the Park Headquarters in Duncans Mills. Keep a signed copy in your harness or car to show the ranger if they ask to see it. Sonoma Wings has credit card versions of the waiver that you can keep in your wallet, along with your USHPA card and SW card.

Launch: Easy grassy launch from knoll 250yds south of parking lot. Soarable for hang gliders in winds of 14kts and above, less for paragliders. Launch takes South through West winds, prefrontal or just post frontal is usually best, but suitable conditions are rare. Usually only works during winter months, and it is difficult to predict when this will happen. Typically only flown on a handful of days a year.

Landing: Top landing. See Cautions.

Season:  Typically Spring and Fall are best.

Ratings:  H3/P3, Sonoma Wings members and guests only.   Signed waiver must be on file. Sponsoring pilots must be H4/P4 rated Sonoma Wings members.

Flying:  When it works, this site can produce outstanding coastal soaring conditions. It is usually fairly easy to fly north onto the big cliff faces there, and altitudes of 3000ft MSL or more can be reached. Flights north to Fort Ross and back – 5 miles each way – and further, are not unusual.

Cautions:  This site requires good pilot judgement. Top landing site only. There are few bailouts below. You would not want to try landing on the small and rocky beaches at the foot of these big cliffs. The area for safe top landings is large, but due to the nature of the terrain a sharp wind gradient is normal in soarable conditions, and dangerous rotors may exist downwind from the knoll behind launch. Be aware of the lie of the terrain BEFORE you launch, maintain plenty of airspeed when landing, and be prepared for a sudden descent in the last 20 feet.

Facilities:  Restrooms located in the parking lot.

Parking:  Parking lot.

Enforcement:  You must have a current USHPA card, Sonoma Wings card, and signed waiver in your possession. Rangers and SW members will check these!

Radio Information: 147.495 MHz

Emergency: Cell phones should work here.

Affiliation and Maintenance: Sonoma Wings is the holder of the Special Event Permit and insures the site.